Please note: Our FAX facility has now ceased, and we aren't able to take any more FAX orders. Please call or email all future orders for them to be fullfilled.

Our Manufacturing Process

  • Stage 1 of 7
    The extrusion process begins by feeding pellets of PVC compound into the hopper and heating them until they reach a melted state.

  • Stage 2 of 7
    The PVC compound is forced through a die that defines the shape and thickness of the tube.

  • Stage 3 of 7
    The extruded tube is rapidly cooled in a bath of chilled water. The cool water temperature helps to improve clarity.

  • Stage 4 of 7
    Reinforced polyester twine is now added before encapsulating the tube again with a protective outer coating.

  • Stage 5 of 7
    Rollers pull the tube through the entire process and cut it into required lengths.

  • Stage 6 of 7
    As the tube runs off it is inspected for potential defects and coiled onto reels for packing.

  • Stage 7 of 7
    Finally each reel is measured to ensure the tube meets the required inner and outer diameters.