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Plastic tube manufacturers

As expert plastic tube manufacturers, we are able to extrude different materials for a range of different industries and applications.

We continue to invest in new technology to meet the ever-changing demands of our customers. Our research and development programme continues to provide innovative new ways to solve problems and meet the evolving standards of the industry.

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Extrusion for identity

We were recently approached by a caravan accessories manufacturer. Legislation changes dictated that all gas carrying hoses needed identification labels.

Abbey took the existing hosing, in this case a stainless steel tube reinforced with steel braiding and fed it through two extrusion processes.

The first process provided labelling facility, the second ran a complete extrusion process that covered the entire pipe and protected the labelling from ware and tear.

Extrusion for insulation

A newspaper printing house approached us with a problem. Existing pipe work above their printing press carried cooling water to the print heads. The water pipes caused condensation and droplets of water dripped onto the paper blanks.

Our solution was to encapsulate the water pipes with an insulating foam type material. Once installed the insulating material prevented condensation without effecting operation or significantly increasing production costs.