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What are 5 Benefits of Fluted Water Hoses?

Fluted Water Hose

What are Fluted Water Hoses used for?

Fluted water hoses are tough hoses designed and developed for conveying water in a number of applications – due to the benefits listed below – such as:

  1. Garden
  2. Agricultural sites, and for use in fields
  3. Construction and building sites
  4. Other similar applications

What lengths are these hoses typically available in?

This type of water hose is typically available in lengths of 40m and 100m; however, we are able to manufacture custom orders should you require a different length.

How is this type of hose typically manufactured?

These heavy duty water hoses are manufactured from two layers of PVC nitrile compound that are heat and chemically bonded with a third layer of tough polyester construction.

This construction process gives this type of hose an incredibly durable composition that has impressive working pressures and continues working well in high and low temperatures.

What are the Benefits of Fluted Water hose?

Easy to handle and work with

Due to it being flexible this makes this hose easy to handle on site and relocate to new areas with ease.

Flexible and kink resistant

Even though this hose is designed for more heavy duty water delivery applications, due to its construction this hose features exterior longitudinal fluting which prevent kinking and assist with abrasion. 

Durability, reliability and strength

Due to its 2 layers of PVC nitrile compound during the manufacturing process, this makes this hose very durable with excellent strength and reliability.

Abrasion, weather, and UV resistant

As this is a hose that is manufactured to be used in the most demanding applications in agricultural applications, it has been designed to be resistant to abrasion, a wide range of chemicals, weather, and UV resistant to give you the reliability and longevity you need. 

Suitable for outdoor usage

This type of hose is designed for heavy use in outdoor areas, in fields and construction sites.

REACH, RoHS and BSI ISO 9001 compliant

As this product is compliant to a number of regulations you know what you are getting ahead of time. To acquire this compliance certain compounds have to be used during its construction process.

As a result this hose is both: Cadmium and Silicone free, and is resistant to a wide range of chemicals.

Consequently, you can be safe in mind that this hose is safe for your applications.

What are the Working Temperatures of this hose?

Theses working pressures are based on the short-term burst pressures calculated at 20°C. However, the maximum recommended working temperature is 45°C.

Working pressures will be affected at temperatures above 20°C and the bend radius and flexibility will be affected below -25°C

Not sure if our Water Hoses are Right for You?

If you are still not sure if our hoses are right for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or do call us for a friendly chat with our expert sales team.


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