PVC Tube

PVC Tube is an ultra-flexible, extremely versatile, economical tubing solution. Clear PVC tube has an excellent flow rate and the benefit of complete visibility of contents. They are flexible and are suitable for use with foodstuffs, alcohol, oils, and chemicals and offer a high level of abrasion, corrosion and chemical resistance.

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Unreinforced PVC tubing is a highly versatile and economical flexible plastic tubing solution. This type of hose is suitable for low-pressure food and drink production, drinking water, and industrial use.

The excellent flow rate of this tubing significantly minimizes the risk of blockages. However, If a blockage occurs, the transparency of this clear PVC tube makes it easy to identify and rectify.

Top Features

This tube offers numerous other advantages, such as abrasion and corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, high flexibility for easy packing away, and minimum toxicity PVC formulation that imparts no flavour or odour to the products it conveys.

  • Food safe.
  • REACH, RoHS and BSI ISO 9001 compliant.
  • Full visibility of the flow of contents.
  • Easy to extend or replace.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Highly flexible.

Application Uses

This clear PVC tube is ideal for food and drink production and catering use; however, it also suits a wide range of other uses and industries, such as:

  • Air & gas lines.
  • Chemical lines.
  • Pharmaceutical & medical.
  • Laboratory & research.
  • Food grade.
  • Air and water
  • Instrumentation.
  • Material Handling.
  • Pump feed & discharge.
  • Refrigeration.
  • Water & fluid lines.
  • Food & beverage.
  • Flexible plastic tubing

Irrigation Systems

Due to their durability and resistance to environmental conditions, PVC tubes are commonly used in agricultural and garden irrigation systems to distribute water efficiently.


PVC tubes are used as lightweight and durable options for constructing frames, supports, and railing in both temporary and permanent structures.


PVC tubing is used in the automotive industry for wiring harnesses, air conditioning, and coolant systems owing to its resistance to oil, fuel, and other chemicals.

Industrial Applications

PVC tubes are used in manufacturing settings for pneumatic and hydraulic systems, chemical transfer, and protective sheathing for machinery.

Water and Wastewater Treatment

PVC pipes play a crucial role in the infrastructure of water purification and wastewater treatment plants, offering a corrosion-resistant solution for transporting water and waste materials.

Food and Beverage Industry

Food-grade PVC tubing is used to transfer liquids in brewing, winemaking, and food processing applications, where maintaining the purity of the content is crucial.

Overall Uses

PVC tubing’s wide range of applications is a testament to its versatility and adaptability across different industries and uses. It’s essential to select the correct type of PVC tube based on the specific requirements of the application, such as diameter, wall thickness, and whether it needs to be food-grade, UV-resistant, or have other particular properties.

We can also manufacture this range of tubes in a high specification, low taste material as specified by the UK brewing industry. Please get in touch with our sales office to find out more.

Pipe sizes

We can manufacture our PVC pipe hose in various flexible tubing sizes, including 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm.

Wall thicknesses:
ID = Inner Diameter
OD = Outer Diameter

Part No.IDODHose Wall Nominal Thickness
APC 3/61/8″ – 3mm1/4″ – 6mm1/16″ – 1.5mm
APC 5/83/16″ – 5mm5/16″ – 8mm1/16″ – 1.5mm
APC 4/65/32″ – 4mm15/64″ – 6mm1/16″ – 1.5mm
APC 6/91/4″ – 6mm3/8 – 9mm1/16″ – 1.5mm
APC 8/115/16″ – 8mm7/16″ – 11mm1/16″ – 1.5mm
APC 9/123/8″ – 9.5mm1/2″ – 12.5mm1/16″ – 1.5mm
APC 12/151/2″ – 12.5mm5/8″ – 15.5mm1/16″ – 1.5mm
APC 16/195/8″ – 16mm3/4″ – 19mm1/16″ – 1.5mm
APC 19/223/4″ – 19mm7/8″ – 22mm1/16″ – 1.5mm
APC 25/281″ – 25mm1-1/8″ – 28mm1/16″ – 1.5mm
APC 3/91/8″ – 3mm3/8 – 9mm1/8″ – 3mm
APC 6/121/4″ – 6mm1/2″ – 12mm1/8″ – 3mm
APC 8/145/8″ – 8mm9/16″ – 14mm1/8″ – 3mm
APC 9/153/8″ – 9.5mm5/8″ – 15.5mm1/8″ – 3mm
APC 12/181/2″ – 12.5mm23/32″ – 18.5mm1/8″ – 3mm
APC 16/225/8″ – 16mm7/8″ – 22mm1/8″ – 3mm
APC 19/253/4″ – 19mm1″ – 25mm1/8″ – 3mm
APC 22/287/8″ – 25mm1-3/32″ – 28mm1/8″ – 3mm
APC 25/311″ – 25mm1-1/4″ – 31mm1/8″ – 3mm
APC 32/381-1/4″ – 32mm1-1/2″ – 38mm1/8″ – 3mm
APC 38/471-1/2″ – 38mm1-7/8″ – 47mm3/16″ – 4.5mm
APC 32/411-1/4″ – 32mm1-5/8″ – 41mm3/16″ – 4.5mm
APC 44/541-3/4″ – 44mm2-1/8″ – 54mm3/16″ – 4.5mm
APC 50/622″ – 50mm2-7/16″ – 62mm1/4″ – 6mm
APC 63/752-1/2″ – 63mm3″ – 75mm1/4″ – 6mm
APC 75/873″ – 75mm3- 1/2″ – 87mm1/4″ – 6mm

ID = Inside diameter
OD = Outer diameter

Technical Details

These clear, flexible PVC pipes are a low-pressure hose solution with a maximum recommended working pressure of 30 PSI. For increased working pressures, consider the reinforced PVC hose instead.

The hose remains highly flexible without collapsing, even at low operating temperatures. The ideal temperature range falls between -20°C and 55°C. The hose can withstand occasional usage of up to 65°C.

The clear plastic (PVC) tube is economical and low-maintenance. Its excellent flow rates prevent sediment buildup, reducing the need for monitoring and replacements. As the tube is clear, it is easy to identify any blockages and replace that section with a new length attached to interconnects. The tube is also highly resistant to various chemicals, acids and alkalis.

These PVC tubes can be manufactured from 3mm flexible tubing and 6mm flexible tubing up to 75mm for the ID.

PVC Tube Colours

We can supply these hoses and tubes in varying colours and match most shades if given a sample, RAL or Pantone number.

However, some of the main ones we can supply you with are:

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Silver
  • Purple
  • Navy blue
  • Pea green
  • Gray
  • Orange
  • Maroon
  • Aquamarine
  • Coral
  • Crimson
  • Hot pink
  • Magenta
  • Cyan


Can’t find the right tube to meet your unique requirements?

We have decades of experience in creating custom tube solutions for various industries, from the pharmaceutical industry to the aeronautics sector.

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