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Our Bespoke Hose & Tube Products

Can't find the right hose or tube to meet your unique requirements?

We have decades of experience in creating custom tube solutions for a wide range of industries, ranging from the pharmaceutical industry to the aeronautics sector. So contact us today.

What are Bespoke Hose and Tubes?

Our Bespoke Hose and Tubes are available to be extruded in a wide selection of tubing, ideal for a large number of applications. These are manufactured from some of the best materials available.

Leading UK Manufacturer

As a leading UK manufacturer, we pride ourselves on the quality of the hose and tubing we have to offer. However, as we own all our own tube bending machinery we can permanently shape or bend hose and tubes to suit applications where traditional tube fittings cannot be used – such as in plumbing systems.

This means we can form a variety of polymers as well as PVC, Nylon, Polythene and Polyurethane.

Sourcing from outside of the UK?

Not a problem, we can ship worldwide, and supply a large number of companies outside of the UK on a daily basis.

Our Hose and Tube range includes

Air 60 Air Hose

Designed as a lightweight and flexible PVC hose option for use with handheld air tools, the Air 60 PVC hose is an excellent hose solution that will reduce tension and fatigue in the air tool user. It remains tough under pressure and is an extremely durable solution.

These air hoses have the following features:

Brewery Hose

We are able to manufacture a range of tube solutions approved for use in the brewing industry and currently very popular for microbreweries. Meeting all food and drink safety regulations, we manufacture all of our tubes and hoses using high specification, low toxicity materials that impart no flavour or odour to the products they convey.

These brewery hoses have the following features:

Curtainsider HGV Pelmet Sections

Our curtainsider truck pelmet sections are fitted to curtain-sided trailers to help to protect the roller mechanism of the curtain and to provide a weather seal against the curtain fabric. It can also be used on curtain-sided railway trucks.

We manufacture HGV pelmet for a number of companies including:

Diesel Hose

An alternative to rubber hose, this reinforced PVC nitrile diesel hose is a strong, effective and affordable alternative for conveying diesel oil through gravity feed lines. It is a hardwearing product that offers excellent oil, fuel and abrasion resistance to ensure longevity.

These diesel hoses have the following features:

Fluted Water Hose

An extremely strong and durable water hose solution that is particularly popular for use on agricultural land and construction sites. Its toughened exterior prevents the tube from kinking when in use, increases grip and withstands abrasion without compromising on flexibility.

These fluted water hoses have the following features:

Keder Cord

Our highly durable and flexible keder cord is an ideal solution for reinforcing fabric panels on trailers, tarpaulins, tents and other temporary canvas structures. It can also be used for numerous other applications.

These Keder Cords can be used in conjunction with many different types of canvas structures where tensile strength is paramount, such as:

Low Density Polyethene Tube

Ideal for low pressure applications, this unreinforced low-density polythene tube is chiefly used in pneumatic machinery and the brewing and food industries. It is completely approved by REACH, RoHS and BSI ISO quality standards for conveying consumable products.

These Polyethene Tubes have the following features:

Nylon Recoil Airlines

Manufactured from our flexible nylon tube, our nylon recoil hose is mainly used in conjunction with air-operated hand tools. The superb spring form memory allows the coil and hand tool excellent freedom of motion from the immediate working area. These Nylon Recoil Airlines have the following features:

Nylon Spiral Cut Guard Hose

Protect hose and tube with our plastic hose guards. These guards are manufactured from durable nylon 12 polymer, the nylon spiral cut hose guard provides the perfect tough cover for hoses of all sizes that are being used in a range of abrasive environments or working conditions.

These Nylon Spiral Cut Guard Hoses have the following features:

Nylon Tube

Flexible, lightweight and durable over a wide temperature range, our nylon tube is the go-to tube choice for a number of purposes such as pneumatic control systems, fuel lines, and food and beverage production lines.

These Nylon Spiral Cut Guard Hoses have the following features:

Polyurethane Tube

Widely used in pneumatic control systems thanks to its resilience, tight bend radii, flexibility and suitability in low temperatures, our polyurethane tube is a high performance tube option that offers great capabilities and abrasion resistance.

These Polyurethane Tubes have the following features:

PVC Tube

An ultra flexible, extremely versatile economical tube solution. Clear PVC tube has excellent flow rate and the benefit of full visibility of contents. It is suitable for use with food stuffs, alcohol, oils, and chemicals and offers a high level of abrasion, corrosion and chemical resistance.

These PVC Tubes have the following features:

Reinforced PVC Hose

Ideal for conveying air and liquids, this highly flexible, minimum toxicity reinforced braided PVC hose is designed to withstand high pressure and deliver excellent flow rates. This product meets food and drink safety regulations and is approved for use to deliver consumables.

These Reinforced PVC Hoses have the following features:

Triflex 2000 Water Hose

The Triflex 2000 is a supremely flexible and resilient water hose. It is carefully constructed using three bonded layers that work together to provide flexibility, strength and resistance, creating a water hose that performs well under considerable working pressure.

These Triflex 2000 Water Hoses have the following features:

Have a Need for Custom Hose and Tubes?

If you have a need for some bespoke hosing or tubing extrusion or forming, please get in touch with your specifications and we will see how we can help you.

Who are Abbey Extrusions?

Abbey Extrusions Ltd, which commenced manufacturing and trading on 1st August 1985.

The company experienced rapid success in its first three years and has subsequently earned a strong reputation as a dependable tube and hose manufacturing source.

We recognise the importance of quality manufacturing. That’s why our hose is manufactured in our own UK factory and we are a BS ISO 9002:2008 registered company.

Where can I find out more?

To find out even more information about Plastic extrusion please see this Wikipedia page.