Curtainsider Pelmet Sections

Curtainsider lorry pelmet sections are fitted to curtain-sided trailers to help to protect the roller mechanism of the curtain and to provide a weather seal against the curtain fabric. It can also be used on curtain-sided railway trucks.

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Trying to match a new lorry pelmet to your old pelmet section?

The dies below will fit most truck trailers on the road today. Can't find what your looking for? Send us a sample and we'll match it for you.

DiagramPIP SizeDepthTolerance
Truck Pelmet A16.6 - 7.0mm135mm±5mm
Pelmet AP26.3 - 6.5mm135mm±5mm
Pelmet AP36.6 - 6.9mm120mm±5mm
Pelmet AP46.6 - 6.9mm135mm±5mm
Pelmet AP57.75 - 8.50mm124mm±5mm
Pelmet AP97.75 - 8.25mm135mm±5mm
Pelmet AP108.75 - 9.25mm165mm±5mm
Pelmet AP128.9 - 9.1mm165mm±5mm
Pelmet AP156.7 - 6.9mm135mm±5mm
Pelmet AP165.9 - 6.1mm115mm±5mm
Pelmet AP179.9 - 10.1mm90mm±5mm
Pelmet AP1910.75 - 11.25mm135mm±5mm
Pelmet AP227.7 - 8.3mm140mm±5mm
Pelmet AP236.6 - 7.0mm165mm±5mm
Pelmet AP256.7 - 6.9mm140mm±5mm

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