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Low Density Polythene / Polyethene Tube

Ideal for low pressure applications, this unreinforced low-density polythene tube is chiefly used in pneumatic machinery and the brewing and food industries. It is completely approved by REACH, RoHS and BSI ISO quality standards for conveying consumable products.

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Our Low Density Polythene or Polyethene Tube is manufactured in the UK from high quality, low-density polythene, this tube solution is a popular choice for transporting and conveying air and liquid. As this polythene tube doesn’t rely on plasticiser for flexibility, the chance of chemicals leaching into products is reduced, making it a safe and completely approved tube for food conveyance. Depending on the intended usage, we can manufacture this tube solution from medium density polythene, high-density polythene, ethylene vinyl acetate, and polypropylene for various strength and durability requirements.
  • Highly flexible.
  • Customisable tube solution.
  • Suitable for food and drink distribution.
  • Suitable for low-pressure applications.
  • No plasticiser used.
  • REACH, RoHS and BSI ISO 9001 compliant.

The standard coil lengths are 30 metres, however, if you are looking for alternative coil lengths, we provide customised solutions to our sales team will be happy to talk about your options. All tube sizes are also available in the following colours from the website, for any other colours please contact us as these can be made to special order.

  • Black
  • Natural/Clear
  • Blue 
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green 

Ideal in low-pressure applications, this unreinforced polythene tube is predominately used in applications such as pneumatic machinery, brewing and the food industry.


Part No.ODIDWorking PressureBurst Pressure 4:1 Factor
ALDP/1173/16″.117270 P.S.I1080 P.S.I
ALDP/1571/4″157″220 P.S.I880 P.S.I
ALDP/2125/16″212″180 P.S.I720 P.S.I
ALDP/2503/8″250″160 P.S.I640 P.S.I
ALDP/3751/2″375″135 P.S.I540 P.S.I
ALDP/5005/8″500″100 P.S.I400 P.S.I


Part No.ODIDWorking PressureBurst Pressure 4:1 Factor
ALDP/44mm2.5mm210 P.S.I840 P.S.I
ALDP/55mm3mm225 P.S.I900 P.S.I
ALDP/66mm4mm175 P.S.I700 P.S.I
ALDP/88mm6mm115 P.S.I460 P.S.I
ALDP/1010mm8mm90 P.S.I350 P.S.I
ALDP/1212mm10mm70 P.S.I270 P.S.I

ID = Inside diameter
OD = Outer diameter

Working pressures are based on the short term burst pressure calculated at 20°C using a 4:1 safety factor.

Low-density polythene can be used at temperatures up to 55°C, however, at lower temperatures, the tube will become less flexible.


Can’t find the right tube to meet your unique requirements?

We have decades of experience in creating custom tube solutions for a wide range of industries including brewing industry and the food and drink. If you would like a custom extrusion please contact us.

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