Nylon Spiral Hose Guard

Protect the hose and tube with our nylon spiral-cut hose guard. Manufactured from durable nylon 12 polymer, the nylon spiral cut hose guard provides the perfect tough cover for hoses of all sizes used in various abrasive environments or working conditions.

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Can’t find the right tube to meet your unique requirements?

We have decades of experience creating custom tube solutions for various industries, from the pharmaceutical to the aeronautics sector.

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Nylon Spiral Cut Hose Guard

What are the benefits of Nylon Spiral Cut Hose Guards?

Nylon Spiral cut hose guards have many benefits. These include: improving the efficiency of the hose they are protecting, reducing the chance of damage and leakages, along with many health and safety considerations...

Made to order hose

Made to Order Products

Is there a specific specification that you need to be met? We can create a bespoke hose that meets all your requirements and specifications. We work with several businesses regularly to offer the best solution for their needs. Read the examples below to see how we’ve helped several companies solve various problems.