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A Fishy Tail

Over many years we at Abbey Extrusions have dealt with many types of varied and interesting enquires – some from a variety of businesses all requiring quality hose and tube. One thing we have learnt is to always be prepared to provide solutions for our customers many unusual problems.

We have helped artists at the Tate Modern to engineers in the automotive industry – and Brewers at the Brewery! Well someone's gotta do it! But recently we had a rather fishy request!

A new company has adopted an ancient practise of using a type of small fish that eats dead skin in order to provide manicures and pedicures and is now open in Meadowhall Sheffield. (as featured on the “ONE Show” on Thursday the 25th March) Christina Wright; the proprietor of “Appy Feet” needed the right hose and tube for her water tanks and massage spa as a matter of urgency.

Abbey Extrusions was able to deliver the required hose and tube and discuss further requirements within hours. “Appy Feet” are even more delighted as future deliveries will be in their corporate colours. We are told that the fish do not bite, they simply nibble away at dead skin!

“Appy Feet” is yet another “Happy Customer” – we at Abbey Extrusions look forward to providing our products and service to even more diverse businesses!