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What are 7 Benefits of Diesel Hose?

Diesel hose

Diesel fuel hoses, have many great benefits that make them perfectly suited for the transportation of fuel, diesel, oil and other similar substances.

These consist of them being:

  1. Strong, reinforced, and hard wearing
  2. High fire resistance
  3. Oil, fuel resistant
  4. Abrasion resistance
  5. Available in multiple coloured print, logos and lengths
  6. Have a wide temperature range
  7. Alternative to rubber hose

Let's go into more detail about each of these below.

Strong, Reinforced, and Hard Wearing

These fuel hoses are constructed with a 3 layer process which consists of a specially formulated blend of PVC and nitrile compound, which is then strengthened by 24 polyester braid reinforcement.

This special blend of PVC, is then heated and chemically bonded to create an extremely strong and reliable hose solution.

As it is specifically designed to convey diesel fuel, this hose is resistant to oil and fuel and will withstand prolonged contact with these substances.

This is a hard wearing hose that offers excellent abrasion resistance, fire retardancy, flexibility and a long life span.

High Fire Resistance

As the primary use of these fuel hoses is the transport of flammable substances such as diesel and oil, these hoses have a high fire and flammable resistance properties to make them suited to this task.

Oil, Fuel Resistant

Fuel has corrosive elements in it, consequnetly, it is important that any transportation hose that is designed to come into regular contact with these substances is designed to resist these properties.

Consequently, the construction process for these fuel hoses uses a specially formulated blend of PVC and nitrile compound to make these hoses resistant to the corrosive effects of the oil and fuel that is being transported inside of them.

Abrasion Resistant

Due to these hoses tending to be used a lot on garage forecourts, and other high use and trafficked areas, it is important that they are abrasive resistant to prevent fuel from spilling all over the area.

As a result, these hoses have been specially strengthened and reinforced, to help to prevent this type of issue.

Multiple Coloured print, logos and Lengths

We understand that 1 size does not fit all requirements.

As a result, these hoses can be manufactured to be used with coloured print, specific logos, and sizes depending on your requirements.

Have a Wide Temperature Range

As these hoses needing to operate outside and available to the elements, they have been constructed to be useable under a large amount of varying temperature ranges.

Consequently, these hoses can be used from -25°C to 45°C.

Cheaper Alternative to Rubber Hose

Due to their construction, and their reinforced properties, these fuel hoses, make a great alternative to standard rubber hoses, and come at a much reduced cost to manufacture and supply.

Not sure if our Fuel Hoses are Right for You?

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