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Air 60 Air Hose

Designed as a lightweight and flexible PVC hose option for use with handheld air tools, the Air 60 PVC hose is an excellent hose solution that will reduce tension and fatigue in the air tool user. It remains tough under pressure and is an extremely durable solution.

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Lengths and Colour


The Air 60 is a strong, supple and durable PVC hose solution designed specifically to be used with handheld air tools.

The three-ply construction of flexible PVC with polyester yarn reinforcement creates a hose that gives outstanding performance under high burst pressures. The hose maintains excellent flexibility and prevent kinks to ensure that air flow is always kept to a maximum.

Importantly, the lightweight construction of the Air 60 assists in significantly reducing hand, wrist and arm fatigue in the handheld tool users.

  • High burst pressures.
  • Flexible with minimum kink memory.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Suitable for use with gas, water and chemicals.
  • REACH, RoHS and BSI ISO 9001 compliant.

Colour / Length

Lengths & Colour

Air 60 comes in several internal diameters ranging between 6mm and 12.5mm. The standard stock length is 30 metres and the standard colour is blue, however our sales team are always happy to discuss alternative coil lengths or colour requirements.



The Air 60 PVC hose is specifically designed for use with air tools and air applications.
It may also be suitable for general industrial use for gas, water, and chemicals.



Part No. OD ID Working Pressure Burst Pressure 4:1 Factor
A60/6 11mm 6mm 15 Bar 60 Bar
A60/8 13mm 8mm 15 Bar 60 Bar
A60/10 14.5mm 9.5mm 15 Bar 60 Bar
A60/12 17.5mm 12.5mm 12 Bar 50 Bar

ID = Inside diameter
OD = Outer diameter