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What next for Leicester City?

With the delirium of winning the 2015-16 Premier League barely faded, the new season has arrived. But, as reigning champions, how will Leicester City fare this time around?

After the team’s astonishing - and unexpected - achievement last season, is there any chance they can perform to such a standard again? Many have noted that Leicester’s victory came as a result of a unique and unusual set of circumstances such as a core of excellent players, a completely different playing style and the big clubs underperforming, and that this combination is unlikely to occur again. So will it be a truly impossible feat this time around? So far we’ve had some mixed results, but as LCFC have proved, you can’t underestimate them.

And what about the Champions League? It’s amazing to be able to take part - but winning is another matter. Ranieri says it’s impossible, but we had a confident stunner of a first match and we’ve just won our second right here at home - and in the process have become the first English side to win their first two matches in the Champions League.

So no one can be sure of what will happen. All we can say with absolute certainty is that Abbey Extrusions will be cheering the Foxes on no matter what!