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What are Curtainsider Trailers and how does PVC Pelmet Benefit Them?

Curtainsiders are trucks with removable side curtains that give complete, reliable access to the truck’s content without underloading the entire vehicle. These vehicles are ideally suited when access to one section of the load is required without exposing or disturbing the load as a whole. Also, these lorries don’t need as much labour-intensive work when loading and unloading.

These types of curtain pelmet of vehicles are ideally suited for multi-point drops.


Image by: By Juligarcibs – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=58655680

Why does our PVC Pelmet benefit Curtainsiders?

Our pelmet fits securely to the top and bottom of the curtain mechanism and has several features. These features include:

Protect your roller mechanisms

Our pelmet protects the mechanisms which allow the curtain to move back and forth. This protection enables these parts to last longer and to keep costs and maintenance to a minimum.

Alongside this, as the rollers are shielded, it means that they don’t require any additional maintenance to the track to ensure a smooth operation of the curtain.

Provides a strong weather seal

As our PVC pelmet is 100% waterproof, it repels water. This waterproof ability prevents water ingress and moisture from leaking into the load area, allowing protection of the cargo from the elements during transportation.

Will not crack under cold temperatures

Our Curtain Pelmet is cold-rated for temperatures as low as -70°C and will not crack under extreme temperatures.

Provides a streamlined look

Our pelmet section allows a more streamlined look and feel to the vehicle, which will help to create an enhanced first impression to customers.

Can be provided in different colours

Our pelmet is manufactured in the UK and can be produced in stock standard black and white – or bespoke manufactured – in various colours to suit your corporate branding and truck colour.

Made to fit most leading trailer manufacturers

Our pelmet has been created and manufactured to fit most leading trailer manufacturers as a replacement part or as original equipment.

Manufactured to a high quality

Over the years, we have formulated unique blends of tried, tested and trusted PVC pelmet materials in conjunction with our material suppliers to offer the highest quality pelmet section on the market today.

Custom pelmet available

As a pelmet manufacturer, we can provide you with the standard range and produce custom pelmet profiles to suit your individual requirements as well.

Abbey Extrusions is a UK pelmet manufacturer who can ship worldwide

As a UK manufacturer based in Leicestershire, England, we have easy access to all major motorways, cities, airports, docks and export centres. As a result, we can quickly and easily ship pelmet to most destinations.

Different Types of Pelmet Already in stock

We carry a wide range of curtain sider pelmet from stock which generally suit most requirements. These include the following sections and part numbers:

  • AP1
  • AP1S
  • AP2
  • AP3
  • AP4
  • AP5
  • AP9
  • AP10
  • AP12
  • AP15
  • AP16
  • AP17
  • AP19
  • AP22
  • AP23
  • AP25

For more information on the details of the dimensions of the above pelmet sections, please see our pelmet page.

Sample swatches, including our standard pelmet sections, are available by request.

Not sure if this is the right product for you?

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