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Nylon Recoil Air lines - The Ideal Solution for all main Air-Operated Hand Tools

Nylon Recoil Airlines

If you work with air-operated hand tools then you’re probably familiar with the difficulties caused by airlines that are inflexible or lack air flow. The issue with these deficiencies is that this creates an unsafe working environment where arms tire at having to compensate for the reduced air flow and movement.

We have the solution. Our Nylon Recoil Airlines are manufactured from flexible nylon tube that is specially formed to give the tube superb spring form memory and kink resistance. The material is highly flexible and lightweight and enables superior air flow. Once attached to a hand tool, all of these qualities allow for excellent freedom of motion and ease of use.

Should you be searching for an airline that has additional flexibility, we also offer a range of polyurethane nylon recoil hoses which have exceptional abrasion resistance, making them ideal for use in workshop situations as this prevents the hose from getting caught or dragging.

In addition, our tube forming service means that we can form tube or hose in a wide variety of polymers, PVC, nylon, polythene and polyurethane depending on your requirements. We provide this service for all kinds of industries and applications. Many of our customers choose this service not just for its quality but for the fact it can reduce costs by eradicating the needs for tube fittings.

If you’re interested in recoil airlines, tube or hose for similar purposes, get in touch with our friendly, helpful and highly knowledgeable team to find out what we can manufacture for you.


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