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The Best of British Hose & Tube Manufacturing

We’ve been a UK Manufacturer of hose and tubing ever since our inception in 1985. We’re proud of the expertise we bring to client projects and the successful hose and tube solutions that we deliver. Be that as it may, a constant source of competition comes from overseas suppliers who have the advantage of cheaper labour costs and materials which enables them to offer products at cheaper prices. However, these cheaper costs don’t always pay off. In terms of quality and reliability, it may remain true that British is best. Read on to find out our top three reasons for buying British manufactured hose and tube.


When we talk about costs, we’re not always talking about the price. Although the cheaper up-front price of extrusion products made abroad can certainly be attractive, it’s usually the case that the cost reflects the quality. We can’t beat the prices that overseas manufacturers offer, but we’re confident that the quality our customers receive in exchange for higher prices is certainly worth it in the long run.

Additionally, our UK-based factory takes a maximum of 2 weeks to produce and deliver our quality products. Is it worth waiting the 6-8 weeks turnaround time for products made in China? If the solution is needed more urgently, then waiting such long periods of time could cost businesses more money than if they’d got it made in the UK.

Bespoke Products

Although generic hoses and tubes can be copied by overseas manufacturers, when it comes to ordering bespoke solutions there can be some serious problems. Bespoke products received from overseas are often inaccurately made. Specifications, sizes, material type and material density can all be incorrect, therefore making the product unusable.

We pride ourselves on our ability to manufacture high-quality bespoke products that meet the exacting requirements and specifications of our clients. We are often approached by clients who need solutions to unique problems, and it is the in-depth understanding of our expert teams and our investment in research and development that enables us to directly assess the clients’ problems and design and manufacture a bespoke solution.


Credibility comes in many forms, but when it comes to having products manufactured, it’s the trustworthiness of the company and the accreditation of products that we think matters most.

When dealing with overseas manufacturers, credibility can be fleeting. Communications are often held solely over the internet, and language barriers and time zones can make discussions even more challenging. Another issue is accreditation and traceability. Many industries can use only accredited products in their operations, yet it is not always easy to discern the genuine accreditation of products made overseas, partly because of communication issues and partly because of different regulations and standards across the globe.

It’s important that clients feel that they’re working with a company they trust. Our clients are welcome to visit our premises and meet our team, and we encourage them to contact us at any time should they have questions or want to discuss their orders. It’s reassuring to know that your products are being made by experts who run a registered company with BSI ISO 9001 2008 certification and that the finished products are fully accredited and traceable back to a UK-based factory.


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