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The Benefits from Sourcing Direct from a Hose and Tube Manufacturer in the UK

UK Manufacturer
As expert plastic tube manufacturers, we are able to extrude different materials for a range of different industries and applications. The benefits of buying directly from us are that it is more cost effective, you are confident in the quality of your supply chain, we can extrude different materials as your products and services adapt, and that we foot the cost for increased research and development into the ways into making our extrusion more effective where we can. Let’s explore these benefits further below.

Consistent quality in your supply chain

With all products that require a constant supply, faith in your supply chain is utterly crucial. If your supply falls down then this can leave you in poor situation to try to get the product “out the door” and on time to your expecting customers. As we are a UK manufacturer with over 30 years experience and you buy direct from us the chances of supply issues diminish greatly. Alongside, this as you are buying different from us, you are safe with the knowledge that each product goes out the door to the same standard each time. As a result, there won’t be varying differences in the quality of the materials you are relying on, and their product composition.

Experts in hose and tubing extrusion

Due to us having the equipment to manufacture your products in the UK you can be safe in mind that the products will all be made to the same standard and using the same materials and process. On top of this, as we have been in operation for over 30 years and have the equipment ourselves we are ideally situated to provide you with the expert advice in which products are right for your requirements.

Extrude different materials

Due to us being a UK manufacturer of hose and tube extrusions we can extrude lots of different materials. As a result, if your requirements change and you need a different material to be extruded we can easy cater for this. Whereas a distributor would need to re-source a new manufacturer, meaning potentially long downturn in your material supply.

Can create bespoke parts for your custom applications

Another benefit of buying directly from us, is that we can create bespoke parts for your custom applications. This enables you more flexibility to innovate while being safe at mind that the materials you rely on are manufactured to the same high quality standards and processes as we use for our mainstream products.

We have our own research and development programme & continue to invest in new technology

As one of the leading UK manufacturers for hose and tubing in the UK, we are proud to stand by our product quality. Consequently, this wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t invest in our research and development programme to make sure our tubing is being built to the highest and most efficient standards.

Are you a distributor?

If you are capable of distributing our products, why not get in touch with us today, to see what discounted rates we can offer you as one of our preferred distribution partners?

Find out more about our manufacturing process

To be safe at mind that you are dealing with the best, find out more about our manufacturing process here. Our extrusion process begins by feeding pellets of PVC compound into the hopper (a container for holding the raw material) and heating them until they reach a melted state. The PVC compound is then forced through a die that defines the shape and thickness of the tube. The extruded tube is then rapidly cooled in a bath of chilled water. This cool water temperature helps to improve the products clarity. We can then reinforce polyester twine, if required, before encapsulating the tube again with a protective outer coating. Our machinery rollers then pull the tube through the entire process, and then it is cut it into the required lengths. Finally each reel is measured to ensure the tube meets the required inner and outer diameters and other specifications.

Still not sure if sourcing your products direct from a UK manufacturer is a good idea?

If you are still not sure if this is right for your needs please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or do call us for a friendly chat with our expert sales team.


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