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Bespoke Hose, Tubes & Tubing Manufacturer in the UK, How does this benefit you?

Bespoke Orders and Unique Solutions

Having been in the extrusions business for over thirty years, we’ve established a clear reputation for manufacturing quality and expertise. Made with care and precision in our Leicestershire-based factory, our range of hose and tube products are manufactured to variety of standard specifications and can also be made to measure. However, at Abbey, our service goes above and beyond providing just a set range of high quality products. We strive to meet even the most specific needs of our customers, and we do this with our bespoke manufacture service.

Our bespoke manufacture service provides our customers with solutions to a variety of industry and application problems. This specialist service is made possible not just by our years of experience and expert skills, but by our dedicated investment in a continuous research and development programme. This programme enables our team to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers with innovation and expertise, and results in the production of outstanding, unique solutions.

We have created bespoke solutions for a diverse range of industries and applications, and our team is constantly kept on their toes with new and intriguing projects. Here are just three examples of bespoke projects we’ve worked on in the past…

Sound Recording Company

A company specialising in the manufacture of high-end sound recording equipment may not at first sound like our typical customer. However, the company required a solution that would improve the finish and aesthetics of their products, and this solution needed to be expertly extruded.

After approaching us with their brief, we spent time collaborating with the customer on the look, feel and technical demands of their required solution. We then went ahead with manufacture to produce a bespoke universal flexible beading that would effectively join units together and complement the premium finish of their products.

Health Sector Company

A company with links to the NHS and other international hospitals approached us with a serious project. They wanted help in producing a hose that would have a surface resistance that would eliminate and kill bacterial elements – namely hospital superbugs.

This was a fascinating brief and a perfect project in which to utilise the skills and knowledge gained as part of our research and development programme. After careful consideration and expert analysis, the successful end product was achieved by adding a silver ion antimicrobial material to the various base thermoplastic compounds.

Beverage Company

A company that trades in the beverage industry had a rather complex request from a customer and approached us for help. The customer wanted an electronic, one-touch, programmable cleaning and distribution board for their own beverage business.

Within this board was a complex network of numerous electronics and tubes. We collaborated with our customer and were able to simplify and streamline the internal network by installing bespoke recoils which fitted within the control box. Multifaceted in their ability, these recoils were able to help dispense both liquid products and gas.


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