Please note: Our FAX facility has now ceased, and we aren't able to take any more FAX orders. Please call or email all future orders for them to be fullfilled.

Beefed up security

We have recently upgraded the security of our Offices and Factory. Incorporating a far more sophisticated entry exit procedure, plus much-improved sensors on all roller shutter doors.

Incorporating highly technical and complex heat and movement sensors, which have been installed throughout the entire building.

Externally, we have positioned four CCTV monitoring cameras covering the entire perimeter of the building, which apart from helping to deter any attempt to steal our products and equipment, theses cameras also help maintain the personal safety of our workforce.

All of the above equipment is linked to a central monitoring station. In the unlikely event of our Alarm being triggered, Central Station then has direct access to our key holder Martin Bird and the Local Ashby Police Force, who are then immediately summoned to our Building to verify the activation.

Whilst we have strengthened our security, breaks in around the Ashby area are a particularly a rare event, the last time we had any forced intrusion into our building was over 15 years ago, thus making Ashby-de-la-Zouch a pretty safe and secure rural market town to operate from.

All of these improvements have also meant a reduction in our insurance premiums, as our modern system is fully compliant and acknowledged by buildings and content insurance companies.