Nylon Spiral Hose Guard

Protect hose and tube with our nylon spiral cut hose guard. Manufactured from durable nylon 12 polymer, the nylon spiral cut hose guard provides the perfect tough cover for hoses of all sizes that are being used in a range of abrasive environments or working conditions.

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Extend the life of your equipment and protect your hoses against wear and tear and accidental damage with the nylon spiral hose guard.

The spiral wrap is manufactured in our UK facility using nylon 12 polymer creates an extremely durable outer guard that deflects abrasion and impact and is resistant to chemical corrosion, including petrol, oil and dilute acids.

The guard is easy to attach by wrapping the hose or threading it through. The nylon hose guard can also be used as a way of tidying up and providing protection for several hoses or electrical cables.

  • Durable outer guard.
  • Abrasion and impact deflection.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Abrasion resistant for pipes and tubes within
  • Offers anti crushing attributes to the pipes and tubing within
  • Provides high strength attributes
  • Ideal for industrial hose assemblies
  • Easy to attach.
  • REACH, RoHS and BSI ISO 9001 compliant.

If you require any bespoke requirement, use our form on our bespoke hose page or contact our office for a chat.

The nylon spiral cut hose guard comes in a full range of sizes and is available in black and in coils of 50m. If you require a custom order, contact our sales team – they’ll be happy to discuss your options.

The nylon spiral cut hose guard is the perfect solution for protecting hydraulic hoses and standard hoses and is popular for use with agricultural machinery.

Part No.Bore SizeCoil LengthWallPitch
AZEB/61/4″ – 6.5mm50m1.25mm6mm
AZEB/85/16″ – 8mm50m1.25mm7.5mm
AZEB/103/8″ – 10mm50m1.25mm6.5mm
AZEB/121/2″ -13mm50m1.25mm10mm
AZEB/165/8″ – 16mm50m1.25mm10mm
AZEB/203/4″ – 20mm50m1.5mm10mm
AZEB/251″ – 25mm25m1.5mm10mm

ID = Inside diameter
OD = Outer diameter

The working pressures are based on the short-term burst pressure calculated at 20°C using a 4:1 safety factor.

Maximum recommended continuous working temperature is 70°C with occasional limited periods of up to 120°C. Any increases in temperature above 20°C will affect the short-term burst pressure quoted. The minimum operating temperature is -40°C.


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